Joe Moder stands as a respected icon in Detroit’s dynamic rock landscape, his musical journey spanning decades and leaving an unforgettable imprint on every stage. From his early days with acclaimed bands like Roulette, Sly Boy, and Flesh Tangle, Joe’s guitar mastery and captivating vocals have ignited audiences, infusing each performance with raw energy and emotion.
Hailing from Detroit, Joe’s musical odyssey began at a young age, picking up the guitar around five years old. Influenced by rock legends such as Ted Nugent, Kiss, and others, Joe’s path swiftly veered towards the realms of rock guitar, ultimately leading him to wield a Les Paul copy at the tender age of 13. Immersed in the sounds of icons like Eddie Van Halen and Jeff Beck, Joe’s passion for music became an unwavering commitment.
His journey took a pivotal turn when an opportunity arose to join Rocktron, the renowned guitar technology manufacturer. After meeting his future boss, Bob Walker, Joe transitioned from teaching guitar on 8 Mile to delving into the technical world of music equipment, a shift that would shape his career profoundly.
With recent releases like “RELOADED,” “Pull The Trigger,” and “PRELOADED” on FnA Records, Joe Moder continues to showcase his enduring musical legacy. His solo ventures under his own name underscore his versatility and artistic depth, affirming Joe’s lasting impact on the rock scene as an influential force.

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Joe Interviewed

Joe Interviewed
with Host Jimi Jive


RELOADED / Pull The Trigger

“Burnin’ Alive”
“Way Hot”
“Tough Break”


“Games In The Night”
“Test Of Time”
“True Love”

Here’s A Small Taste Of MODER

Sleeping At The Wheel
by MODER (2001)