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Joe Moder is an iconic figure in Detroit’s thriving rock music scene, having lent his incredible talents to some of the most renowned bands in the industry, including Roulette, Sly Boy, Flesh Tangle and Motor City Vagabonds. Joe’s electrifying guitar playing and magnetic vocals have left audiences spellbound and craving more. His solo work is a testament to his versatility and depth as an artist, and his years of experience as a guitar instructor and his association with guitar technology giant, Rocktron, speak to his immense expertise. Joe’s recent releases with Roulette on FnA Records, such as “RELOADED,” “Pull The Trigger,” and “PRELOADED,” have continued to showcase his enduring musical legacy. In short, Joe Moder’s contributions to the world of rock music are nothing short of legendary.


RELOADED / Pull The Trigger

“Burnin’ Alive”
“Way Hot”
“Tough Break”


“Games In The Night”
“Test Of Time”
“True Love”

Video Edited by Dylan Mordarski

Moder | Roulette | Sly Boy | Flesh Tangle | Motor City Vagabonds

Moder City Rock. Est. 1980